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Event Type PVP
Begin Date December 26 2013
End Date TBD
Events Chronology
Blood Brothers vs. Blood Battalion
World Battle Coliseum Open

World Battle Coliseum is a PvP event waged using morale points to earn points and win prizes. Title points

The ColiseumEdit

Upon entering The Coliseum, players will be able to form a "garrison team" and an "assault team". Familiars can be used on both teams simultaneously, and each team has a unique purpose.

The garrison team is a defensive team that is deployed when another player attacks you. This team will win the battle under two conditions, by eliminating the enemy team or by keeping your team alive for 40 turns. This team is AI controlled, so you are not able to choose if or when skills proc.

The assault team is an attacking team deployed when you attack another player using a morale point. As with typical battles against NPC opponents, you control the flow of battle.

If the assult team dose not defeat the Garrason team within the turn limit it the battle will end as a loss to the assult team.


A certain number of points will be won at the end of a battle in which you are the attacker or from battles in which your garrison team has successfully defended. Attacking points can be obtained in five ways with a 2/3 point multilpier after a 5/10 - win streak :

Difficulty points - Approximately determined by the estimated points shown when choosing an opponent, this number is predetermined at the start of a battle and is accumulated when you satisfy the victory conditions.

Blitz Bonus - A blitz bonus can be obtained by defeating your opponent more quickly. If you do not defeat the enemy warlord within 10 turns, you will probably not get the bonus. Defeating the enemy warlord in less than 10 turns will award you with an increasingly larger sum of points for each turn remaining.

Survival Bonus - Obtained by keeping your own units alive, survival points are accumulated at the end of the battle.

Revenge Bonus - Obtained by killing a enemy who had previously defeted your Garrason.

Title Bonus - A title bonus is assigned for defeating a Enemy with a title.


  • Assault and Garrison Ranking Rewards:
    • None
  • Wins Streak Reward:
    • Every 6 wins - 1 Water buffalo horn
  • Points Reward:
    • 2500 - Copper coin (x1)
    • 5000 - The Martial Arts (x1)
    • 7500 - Copper coin (x1)
    • 10000 - 3000G
    • 12500 - Silver Coin (x2)
    • 15000 - Copper coin (x1)
    • 17500 - The Martial Arts (x1)
    • 20000 - Copper coin (x1)
    • 22500 - 3000G
    • 25000 - Undead Unit
    • 27500 - Copper coin (x1)
    • 30000 - The Martial Arts (x1)
    • 32500 - Copper coin (x1)
    • 35000 - 3000G
    • 37500 - Silver Coin (x2)
    • 40000 - Copper coin (x1)
    • 42500 - The Martial Arts (x1)
    • 45000 - Copper coin (x1)
    • 47500 - 3000G
    • 50000 - Scarlet Coin (x1)
    • ...and so on.