• I'm wondering if anyone else is having an issue gaining enough gold to perform evolutions.

    The cost for a C evolution is 1000g, while the cost for a UC evolution jumps to 15000g. Most of my chests are only yielding 100g or 300g. And dismissing C familiars doesn't offer much gold either. (and Lada doesn't seem to favor me with anything higher than UC Merc's)

    I occasionally evolve some C units to keep them competitive, so that's eating a small portion of my funds, but it seems impossible.


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    • You are not alone. It sucks.

      I'm hoping that they reduce the cost or that it gets easier somehow as you make progress in the campaign.

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    • I've seen some chests give 1K, and there is an event reward that gives 3K, but I don't think I've gotten close to 15k yet.

      On the other hand I do remember an ally sending me 50k in my early days of BB and thinking it was a collosal amount; as of now (6mo later) I have over 1mil there. Maybe they'll just tweak the output to match BB, because we never had problems with gold the first little stretch.

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    • No worries... at start its this way... then it gets worse with Rs (35k) :P EPs... no clue how much can cost evolving one but i am sure its a crazy amount! Hope it gets better later in the game ^_^

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    • EP cost 65k to evolve

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