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    • Looks good.

      I think we need the number of times you can use the skill.

      I know one of my buffers has two charges of her skill, same with one of my healers!

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    • Buff and heals always have two charges but it's true, that would be a good thing to add.

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    • Is the type 'attack' informational? All skills are used during the same skill phase. Also, what does range =6 mean and range arg?

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    • The number of charges seems to be set for each unit, each one have a "skillCount" value next to his Skill ID. We may see two units with a different number of charges for the same skill.

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    • The skills page looks good by the way !

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    • Updated

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    • really nice! much better than before~! nice work! ;)

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    • nice work but can u tell me what is range arg?

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    • wrote:
      nice work but can u tell me what is range arg?

      mathmatical function (argMax & argMin), i think.

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    • That's just going to confuse people, especially without knowing the function it pertains to. Do we really want to include it?

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    • Range Arg... may be the area of effect of the skill... but yeah, unless we know exactly its kinda confusing.

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    • Actually I didn't even look closely at that example but e ranger isn't 6, it is cast directly on the caster with a range of 2 tiles around her.

      Range arg may very well be AoE. That would make a lot of sense for skills that have an AoE around a target. You have a range and then an AoE range.

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    • I haven't really looked at skills in the data file up until now. RangeArg should be AoE.

      A few exemples :

      "name":"Onslaught",...,"comment":"Knock back an adjacent foe.","...,"abilityRangeArg1Base":0,"abilityRangeArg1Max":0
      "name":"Guile of Runes",...,"comment":"Raise the WIS of three allies.",...,"abilityRangeArg1Base":0,"abilityRangeArg1Max":0,

      RangeArg=0. No AoE. (abilityRangeArg1Base and abilityRangeArg1Max are always equal as far as I checked)

      "name":"Freezing Blade",...,"comment":"Damage and sometimes freeze all adjacent foes.",...,"abilityRangeArg1Base":1,"abilityRangeArg1Max":1,
      "name":"Cannon Shot",...,"comment":"Damage and knock back target and surrounding foes.",...,"abilityRangeArg1Base":1,"abilityRangeArg1Max":1

      RangeArge=1. AoE of 1, with the center being the caster or the target.

      "name":"Tornado",...,"comment":"Deal critical damage to the target and foes within two tiles.",...,"abilityRangeArg1Base":2,"abilityRangeArg1Max":2,
      "name":"Tempest",...,"comment":"Deal critical damage to the target and foes within three tiles.",...,"abilityRangeArg1Base":3,"abilityRangeArg1Max":3,
      "name":"Blade Tempest",...,"comment":"Deal critical damage to all foes within three tiles.",...,"abilityRangeArg1Base":3,"abilityRangeArg1Max":3,

      RangeArg is once again equal to the Aoe stated in the skill's description.

      The "abilityRange" values, not included in these exemples, don't make sense to me. Blade Tempest and Freezing Blade have 6. Tempest and Tornado have 7. Guile of Runes has 1.

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    • So yes, looks like abilityRange is the AoE Area. Its actually funny that the range does not contain a meaning value... Maybe it depends on the skill type? Oh wait... of course... i guess it depends on the range of the caster maybe? So the range stated is MAX range and if the fam (guessing we still call them fams) has lower range it will never exceed this value. So we can add it too, but in the tooltip of Max Range it should say that the real range is the minimum between the familiar range and the skill range. It makes sense right? Or some ranged caster/sharpshooter skills have range 1 in the ability info?

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    • And can you post the info you have of few skills please? So we can understand it better :) Tyu!

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    • {"id":97,"type":1,"action":0,"who":11,"append":0,"name":"Onslaught","equipmentCategoryId":0,"comment":"Knock back an adjacent foe.","abilityRange":1,"abilityRangeArg1Base":0,"abilityRangeArg1Max":0,"func":12,"denominator":1,"calcType":"0","effectCast":1,"effectAttack":0,"effectHit":0,"attackType":0,"motionType":0}

      Here's a basic exemple, Onslaught, Dwarven Monocycle's skill, a unit everybody should have.

      What I already understand :

      "id" is used in the unit's part of the data file. Just so you know, there's 664 skills right now, plus 3 "special" skills with 5-digits id called "Guard", "Charge Attack" and "Cnnibal Attack" (I guess he ate the a...). The first two may be Defenders and Lancers role skills.

      "name" and "comment" are used in the unit's description. No problem here.

      "effectCast" is the little animation when you active the skill. Each animation has it's own value.

      We talked about RangeArg before, but I just found some skills with ArgBase = 0 and ArgMax = 1. They are conjure skills (like Laevateinn : "Conjure a sword that dances with flame for three turns, sometimes igniting foes."), Stealth ("Prevent foes from targeting the caster for one turn.") and Chronos Blink ("Removes one enemy attack phase fifteen turns or later into a battle.").

      "effectAttack", "effectHit", "attackType", "motionType", "equipmentCategoryId", "denominator" and "calcType" always have the same value.

      All but the three special skills have the same value for "type" and "action".

      I looked into "append" a little. Most skills have 0. Some have a value from 201 to 206. "Powered Attacker" ("Raise the ATK of all allied attackers") has 201. "Keen-Witted Caster" ("Raise the WIS of all allied casters") has 204. 1 is the ID used for Attackers and 4 the one for Casters, so it makes sense.

      Two interesting skills I found :"Recharge Male" (Restore one charge to a male ally's skill gauge.) and "Recharge Female" ("Restore one charge to a female ally's skill gauge."). They have append=301 and append=302. No unit have this skills right now, and I can't find a "sex value" in the unit's data. Maybe in a future update.

      The last possible value for append is 401, for skills like Heal, Recovery, Energy Drain, Recall or Falcon's Glare. They're all skills that affect your own units.

      I'll put an end to this wall of text with a few skills.

      {"id":102,"type":1,"action":0,"who":11,"append":0,"name":"Heavy Shot","equipmentCategoryId":0,"comment":"Deal 20% more damage and knock back one foe.","abilityRange":1,"abilityRangeArg1Base":0,"abilityRangeArg1Max":0,"func":12,"denominator":1,"calcType":"0","effectCast":1,"effectAttack":0,"effectHit":0,"attackType":0,"motionType":0}
      {"id":107,"type":1,"action":0,"who":3,"append":0,"name":"Tremor Shock","equipmentCategoryId":0,"comment":"Knock back surrounding foes.","abilityRange":6,"abilityRangeArg1Base":1,"abilityRangeArg1Max":1,"func":12,"denominator":1,"calcType":"0","effectCast":1,"effectAttack":0,"effectHit":0,"attackType":0,"motionType":0}
      {"id":112,"type":1,"action":0,"who":3,"append":0,"name":"Cannon Shot","equipmentCategoryId":0,"comment":"Damage and knock back target and surrounding foes.","abilityRange":7,"abilityRangeArg1Base":1,"abilityRangeArg1Max":1,"func":12,"denominator":1,"calcType":"0","effectCast":1,"effectAttack":0,"effectHit":0,"attackType":0,"motionType":0}
      {"id":122,"type":1,"action":0,"who":3,"append":0,"name":"Plague Blade","equipmentCategoryId":0,"comment":"Damage and sometimes lower stats of all adjacent foes.","abilityRange":6,"abilityRangeArg1Base":1,"abilityRangeArg1Max":1,"func":13,"denominator":1,"calcType":"0","effectCast":1,"effectAttack":0,"effectHit":0,"attackType":0,"motionType":0}
      {"id":226,"type":1,"action":0,"who":10,"append":401,"name":"Recall","equipmentCategoryId":0,"comment":"Revive and restore one unconscious ally to 50% max HP.","abilityRange":1,"abilityRangeArg1Base":0,"abilityRangeArg1Max":0,"func":22,"denominator":1,"calcType":"0","effectCast":11,"effectAttack":0,"effectHit":0,"attackType":0,"motionType":0}
      {"id":233,"type":1,"action":0,"who":11,"append":0,"name":"Killing Blow","equipmentCategoryId":0,"comment":"A deadly strike originating in the East that can kill a foe with a single hit...if successful.","abilityRange":1,"abilityRangeArg1Base":0,"abilityRangeArg1Max":0,"func":25,"denominator":1,"calcType":"0","effectCast":12,"effectAttack":0,"effectHit":0,"attackType":0,"motionType":0},
      {"id":235,"type":1,"action":0,"who":23,"append":401,"name":"Strength of Blades","equipmentCategoryId":0,"comment":"Raise the ATK of three allies.","abilityRange":1,"abilityRangeArg1Base":0,"abilityRangeArg1Max":0,"func":26,"denominator":1,"calcType":"0","effectCast":10,"effectAttack":0,"effectHit":0,"attackType":0,"motionType":0}
      {"id":268,"type":1,"action":0,"who":3,"append":401,"name":"Smoke Screen","equipmentCategoryId":0,"comment":"Lower the SPT of three foes.","abilityRange":1,"abilityRangeArg1Base":0,"abilityRangeArg1Max":0,"func":37,"denominator":1,"calcType":"0","effectCast":10,"effectAttack":0,"effectHit":0,"attackType":0,"motionType":0}
      {"id":501,"type":1,"action":0,"who":9,"append":0,"name":"Mjollnir","equipmentCategoryId":0,"comment":"Conjure a hammer that crackles with lightning for two turns, sometimes paralyzing foes.","abilityRange":1,"abilityRangeArg1Base":0,"abilityRangeArg1Max":1,"func":1091,"denominator":1,"calcType":"0","effectCast":12,"effectAttack":0,"effectHit":0,"attackType":0,"motionType":0}
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    • Wow! Excelent job man! And yes, most of what you said makes complete sense! The idea is that to add the skills to the wiki it will be good to clasify them, for what you have said, buffs can be easily identified, and probably debuffs too, then the rest will be attacks/casts.

      What i will say is that the skills in BBat are way richer than in BB so the skill page has to have more info, but as of now, i guess that what we discovered will be enough to create the wiki pages for all the skills. Awesome job man :)

      Btw, there is a special type of skill that has no range and affects all units. Probably you have seen some bosses doing it (and always has an extra effect after the damage, like ignite or paralyze). Those skills are quite powerful and from my experience you can ony use one per battle, even if you have 2 units having the skill it does not allow the second one to cast it til the battle ends (1 boss). The skill i have is Sylph II and the caster name is Onmyoji, those should be classified in a special way i think as they are extra powerful (mine deals 1k dmg to every single unit!). I hope we can identify them from the data you collected. Of course, a maximum of 3 units with this kind of skill can be used if its 3 battles encounter... 1 for single battle ones.

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    • Just noticed that "Smoke Screen" has append=401. So it may be for both buffs and debuffs.

      Is what you said about Sylph II also true for Sylph I ? Those two skills have exactly the same info, so if the answer is no, I can't see how to find them.

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    • Yep they are the same skill i guess, the number will just increase the damage. Its to compare them with other skills... because they are indeed special (they show this full screen animation of something like an elemental and they hi ALL no matter the position).

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    • I just used Onmyo no Sho in my party to look at Sylph, it's indeed what you described. I fought against an Elven Queen's Guard that seems to use a similar skill, Laevateinn, with the full scene animation. Sylph is a "summon skill", Laevateinn is a "conjure" skill, so those two types of skills may be part of the special category you talked about.

      Here's a list of those skills :

      Summon skills (5 levels) : Salamander, Gnome, Undine, Sylph

      Conjure skills (4 levels) : Gungnir, Mjollnir, Laevateinn, Arondight

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    • I wrote about those two types of skills in my blog already. Each side can use them once in a single battle regardless of any other occurrence. Even if you die, use panacea and restart the battle, you cannot use those skills a second time.

      Summon skills and Conjure skills are a good name, I called them spirits and tickers myself to better describe how they behave.

      I have been working to get more info on the skills page, so far we have a place for most everything already mentioned. Should add a place to specify 'can only be used once in a battle' for the summon/conjure skills.

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    • Btw guard is defender's skill, charge is lancers just as you said. The last one, Cnnibal is for undead when they consume each other.

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    • skill page looks great but if u can add modifier then it will be great......

      like 120%atk or whatever 

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    • That was taken out, there are no modifiers in this game.

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    • No modifiers, since most of the attack skills have a specific percentage.

      The thing I'm curious about is some of the healing skills, like GH, heal "most" hp..?

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    • A FANDOM user
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