Warlords » Green Healer

Green Healer
Green Healer Figure
Role Healer
Skill Green Flourish
Max Level 50
Evolution Rarity.Rare 1of1
Rarity Rare
Race Highlander
ID 21
Base 5,600 1,490 1,440 1,530 1,530
Max 6,470 3,610 3,440 3,610 3,690
Distance Type
MOV 6 Snow

Flavor Text

A devout Highlander monk from the Western Highlands with a charitable heart.


A girl from a convent in Almoria, realm of the Highlanders. She joined Galbraith's forces after he rescued her from a band of thieves. Though gentle by nature, she's tougher than she looks.

Start Mission : I sense foes ahead. We must stay alert.
Victory : I claim this victory for the people!
Defeat : Forgive me... I did not prove strong enough.
Last Words : I have failed you all...
Rise Undead : Make a sacrifice for the greater good, valiant spirits!
Mission Clear : Defeat is simply not an option.
Home : I won't rest till the wounded are healed.
Starting Skill : In position around me! I am the trunk that keeps the tree strong!

Other Images

Starting Formation: Defensive
Name Image Buffs Counter Description
 Tercio 120px DEF +10% WIS +20% AGI +10%   Phalanx

This defensive formation places great importance on firepower. Positioning casters on the outer edge creats a veritable fortress few can approach.

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