Name Image Buffs Counters Formation Description
Alpha Alpha Formation ATK +10%
AGI +10%
MOV +1
None A classic offensive formation used throughout Arnashia. It loosely resembles the letter "A".
Echelon Echelon Formation HP +10%
ATK +20%
AGI +10%
Kakuyoku An unorthodox formation designed to deflect frontal assaults and flank the enemy to exploit any weakness.
FlyingWedge FlyingWedge Formation ATK +30%
MOV +1
SPT +2
Circle This offensive formation places units in an arrow designed to puncture the center of the enemy lines.
Phalanx Phalanx Formation HP +10%
ATK +10%
DEF +20%
Line An offensive formation that keeps units close together so they can support each other, providing a measure of defense against frontal assaults.
Skein Skein Formation HP +20%
ATK +20%
Tercio An offensive formation shaped like a team of flying geese. The unit at the front is the key to the battle.
Circle Circle Formation DEF +10%
AGI +30%
Skein This defensive formation can handle attacks from any direction. It relies on holding ground, giving shooters the chance to shine.
Kakuyoku Kakuyoku Formation DEF +10%
WIS +10%
AGI +20%
FlyingWedge This defensive formation holds the middle line back, inviting the enemy to charge into the gap where the left and right flanks can close in to surround and crush them.
Line Line Formation WIS +20%
AGI +10%
RNG +1
Echelon A defensive formation that unleashes a single massive attack once the enemy enters range, leaving the diminished forces to be cleaned up in the ensuing chaos.
Tercio Tercio Formation DEF +10%
WIS +20%
AGI +10%
Phalanx This defensive formation places great importance on firepower. Positioning casters on the outer edge creats a veritable fortress few can approach.
Zeta Zeta Formation Hp +10%
DEF +10%
WIS +10%
None A classic defensive formation used throughout Arnashia. It loosely resembles the letter "Z".

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