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Event Type Expedition
Begin Date December 10 5:00 PM
End Date December 22 5:00 PM
Events Chronology
World Battle Coliseum 3
Blood Brothers vs. Blood Battalion
World Battle Coliseum Open


A device known as the portal of Time has been found in an ancient ruin. Now the mysterious forces calling themselves the "Rebels" emerge from the portal... Will a destined future or an uncertain past prevail.


Event ZonesEdit

River of Despair 

  • Level 3 - 7

Belleek Hill Level

  • Level 15

Sharoz Village    

  • Level 15

Thyniha woods

  • Level 15

High Halk Castle

  • Level 25

Portal of time

  • Level 30

Event PointsEdit

A certain number of points will be won at the end of a battle. Points can be obtained in multiple ways:

  • Vanquish points - Approximately determined by the estimated points shown when choosing an opponent, this number is predetermined at the start of a battle and is accumulated when you satisfy the victory conditions.
  • Blitz Bonus - A blitz bonus can be obtained by defeating your opponent more quickly.
  • Level Points - Based upon the dificulty of the enemy battalions. Collected after the final battle of a level. (Usualy three battles)
  • Annihilation Bonus - Obtained by Killing the entire enemy battalion.
  • Undead Bonus - A bonus that is baised upon the survival of the Undead that have been summoned during that round.
  • Undead recovery Bonus - A bonus that is baised upon the survival of the Undead either untill the end of the level or untill absorbed.



Ranking Reward:

Points Reward:

Expedition Rewards:

Other rewards obtainable from points and mini-bosses: